Investment advisory and settlement in USA, Australia, Canada




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Investment advisory and settlement in USA, Australia, Canada

VIET VALUATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY provides investment and settlement consultancy services in the following countries:




With a team of experienced professionals and lawyers committed to providing professional immigration, investment, tax policy and asset management trust services for individual and corporate clients in Vietnam when Foreign investment & settlement.

Investing in the EB-5 program is becoming increasingly complex with an increasing number of Regional Center (Investment Centers) and an increase in investor's Green Card demand. This requires experienced consultants to select the project developer, the safest & most secure investment project for the investor.

Because of that, VIET VALUATION always appraise the best investment projects and ensure the safest. To protect customers' interests, VIET VALUATION always appraise the feasibility of the project, the ability to create jobs, business efficiency, and the ability to pay back capital before introducing to investors. The settlement plan is a big plan, it is not only a Green Card, but also a long-term financial plan in the future, so VIET VALUATION always offers the best financial solution to prove funding source under the EB-5 program and the financial plan & long-term assets of the investor's family.

The investment program in the United States, Australia or Canada also has many changes, so it is the responsibility of the country to constantly update and accurately the development investment criteria and migration policies of each country to customers. important responsibilities that VIET VALUATION put on top.

VIET VALUATION is always proud of being one of the prestigious foreign investment consultancy companies in Vietnam by efforts to bring transparency throughout the investment process, document processing and project appraisal, bringing offer the best financial solutions to help clients demonstrate funding and pre-settlement Tax & Asset planning.

Our mission is to take care of our client profile to achieve our core goal of Green Card under US, Canada, Australia and Citizenship under European investment program.
With a team of experts and experienced lawyers in the market VIET VALUATION always put the interests of customers first because we understand that the success of customers is a solid foundation for our development.

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